66 PCS NEW 1955 Stangl Pottery Wild Rose Hand Painted Dinnerware Set

dinnerware-set-pcs-5pxServewell Dinner Set 42 26 pcs set

THE GORGEOUS STANGL DINNERWARE SET! 66 pcs new 1955 stangl pottery wild rose hand painted dinnerware set the dinnerware set include 1 large serving platter 1 serving bowl 1 souse /cream serving 2 handle bowl 1 gravy boat 1 gravy boater under plate 1pitcher 1 creamer 1 sugar bowl 1 dessert tray with metal silver tone handle 7 dinner plates 7 luncheon/ salad plates 4 deep soup plates 8 soup small bow/ or soup cups /or dessert bowls 8 dessert plates 12 saucers 11 tea/ coffee cups the one saucer an extra saucer!