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28 Vinyl Cutter & 15 X 15 Heat Press Tshirt + Sign Making Machines Combo

CONTOUR VINYL CUTTING PAPILIO VINYL US CUTTER LASERPOINT 2Simply use the VinylMaster Cut image trace feature on any image and it will be converted into a plotting file ready to cut or make further edits. 512 MB of RAM or more. 28 vinyl cutter & 15 x 15 heat press tshirt + sign making machines […]

40w Usb Diy Laser Engraver Cutter Engraving Cutting Machine Laser Printer.

DIY LASER CUTTER ENGRAVING MACHINE KIT 40w usb diy laser engraver cutter engraving cutting machine laser printer recommended spare parts/consumableslaser tube, focal lens, reflection lens. Resetting Positioning0.0004 in (0.01mm). Wood, paper, leather, cloth, Plexiglas (cuts rather shallow on normal glass), epoxy resin, density board, double-colored board, marble, plastic, rubber, crystal, bamboo and other nonmetal materials.